The Beginning (Addiction cont.)


It all started back in my junior year of high school. As we stopped at a rest stop on the way to our soccer game, one of the freshman girls screamed “Oh my gosh! It’s a Starbucks! Girls! We have to!”

There was a lot of commotion from the girls after this was proclaimed. I for one, was confused and wondered why everyone was so adamant about going to this seemingly random coffee shop. Little did I know, this was a huge chain store for the best coffee-like drinks ever. In my town and the surrounding ones, we didn’t have a Starbucks. The closest one was at the mall over a half hour away, which I didn’t go to often at this time. Also, during this time, I had never had coffee so I didn’t see the big deal.

After some persuasion by the same girl who suggested the coffee pit stop, I skeptically ordered what she recommended. All I remembered was long lists of words to make a single request of the overly happy barista. As I walked up for my turn, the nice barista asked my name then she asked for my order. “I’ll have a small…” I started and was soon interrupted by the freshman girl “no, she means grande.”

“Sorry, I’ll have a grande?… Java Chip Frappucino?” I questioned, which was confirmed with smiles all around me. Nodding, the barista wrote on my cup to confirm my order. I was still hesitant at the time, not knowing what the heck I was getting myself into. Moments passed and my name was called. My order was ready. Taking it, I examined it quite thoroughly by moving it all around and mixing the whipped cream into the drink. I had no idea this drink was going to have coffee in it until I started drinking it. Immediately I had a brain freeze, failing too to realize just how cold it was.

I said my name was Suarez like the soccer player

As I sipped away, waves of energy rushed through my veins. This drink was surprisingly addicting and super delicious! My teammates were also getting energized and I soon knew why it was a big deal to them. “This is the best drink I’ve ever had!” I couldn’t wrap my mind around how good it was and how I had never heard about Starbucks before this. Why would such a treasure be kept so hidden? How could my friends not know what this was? Why didn’t I know what this was? All of it just blew my mind.

I will never forget the taste of my first Starbucks. Every time I go, it gets more addicting. It truly is amazing and I will always recommend it to others. I love Starbucks! All of this goes to a girl who will probably never know, which cracks me up. Incase she does know, thanks girl!

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