Loyal Pets


When you come home from work, or school are there always a set of eyes waiting on the other side of the door for you? As soon as the knob turns you start to hear the whimpers of excitement or the loud meows. Some of you might not even make it to the door before hearing these noises, combined with the pawing at the door. If this is you, consider yourself lucky to have a pet so emotionally invested in you!

Cocoa waiting by my door

When I wake up, it is usually because I hear the sound of my cat, Cocoa, pawing at something noisy or meowing for me to feed her. She waits all day for me to come home from work and then runs to my feet, yelling at me for being gone all day. Yes, my cat actually does yell at me! Cocoa has separation anxiety issues, which means when I am gone for extended times, she will either yell at me and pace the room or occasionally she has left me “presents” on the floor. Although in the past she had done that quite frequently, she is now on some medication to calm her nerves. This has helped tremendously! Now not only does she not leave me “presents” anymore, but she is a little more calm when I get home. She still yells at me because she misses me. Most people might find this annoying, but I love it because it means she actually cares about my attention for her. Cocoa also knows when I am having a rough day. Before I know I am upset, she will come to me and sit next to me for a while to make sure I am happy.  She also makes sure that I am not drowning, whenever I take baths. What a saint!


Cocoa checking on me during one of my baths

Gypsy, my puppy, is also very loyal. She will wait tail wagging, nose through the cat door, and whining for me to open the door. If someone rings the doorbell and I am home alone, or even if she hears an unfamiliar noise, she will start growling and sit closer to me until I give her a command. Dogs are great at picking up nonverbal cues too. They will know if something is unsettling to you, or if you are excited. When I try to exercise at home I know for a fact that Gypsy is ready to join me, or observe. Gypsy notices everything! During the summer, she makes sure that I am protected from every pool noodle or floaty. If one tries to sneak up on me, she is barking and jumping in after it, dragging it away from me. What a great lifeguard! At night, I expect a check-in or two before she heads to her own bed, whether I am in my room or she barges in the bathroom. Gypsy also makes sure that my mom is always safe while doing her PT arm stretches, as seen below! She will sit practically on top of her to let anyone else know that if they get too close during this time, she will not let them touch Mommy.

Gypsy protecting Mommy and making sure she does her PT.


Lastly but not least, my horse Nikita, is always very loyal. People don’t realize it but horses really do protect their loved ones. Getting Nikita out of the field can be tricky at times when other horses are surrounding the gate.


Luckily, for me, Nikita means business and knows that when I come to get her, she is coming out whether the other horses like it or not.

She will kick at and pin her ears back at any of the other horses near the gate until they let her through. It’s great for me because I don’t have to try to move them on my own! Nikita will come running to me as soon as she sees me near the top of the fence line and she knows that as soon as she gets there, she gets a reward.

It’s funny how animals can’t verbally communicate with us all the time that they love us, but they definitely prove it in their actions. If you have a pet that is loyal, give them a big hug and show them how much you love them! Also, feel free to share with me a story or some things your pet does for you to show their loyalty! Share your name, your pets name, a photo of your pet and what your pet does for you! I want to share a few people’s responses! It’s cool seeing other people and the connection they have with their pet(s)!

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