To A T


Have you ever been listening to a song and realized its a couple singing it? Isn’t it just the cutest thing ever? #couplegoals am I right? Well, I was listening to “To a T” by Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris and I just thought about how beautiful they sound together. I started wondering why it was that they meshed so well together. Their voices are both very unique, however, they sound amazing together because both are emotionally attached to the song and each other.


The song, for those who may not know, is about a couple knowing each other so well that they can tell what each other needs without saying a word. It also is about being super vulnerable with each other and paying attention without distractions. Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris make one of the cutest country music couples. Follow them on instagram and you’ll see just how in love they are with each other and their music. These two share a great love for their fans too. Keep an eye out for this power couple as they both rise in their musical careers! Don’t forget to look up “To A T”!

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