Gluten Free Snacks


I am almost always eating! Anyone else with me?

This past week while at Quick Chek, I was wondering if maybe somehow there were some gluten free snacks available for once. I’m not talking about chips or candy but something more like cookies or brownies. While searching I came upon this tiny snack section that had maybe ten gluten free snacks! I was ecstatic!

If you are not gluten free you will not understand the hardship of finding something yummy to eat while on the go. Those of you who are gluten free can get excited right now because we finally have something yummy!

f’real shakes

These three snacks are great! They are also filling, which is probably due to the protein packed in them! Even better!!! First, let me just say I absolutely love f’real shakes! I personally love the chocolate ones and haven’t tried any other flavor yet but I will always go straight to the shake machine as soon as I walk into a Quick Chek. They are super creamy and if you choose the “more thick” button when making them, they’re about 10 times better!


The thínkThin protein cakes are also great! I tried two different flavors. The birthday cake was a different kind of taste. I feel that one has more of an acquired taste but I still liked it a lot. The chocolate cake one, however, was super great! I had it as breakfast one morning and it was a great way to eat some protein quickly and tastefully. Both of them were rich with flavor and chewy. Despite the tiny size of them, they did fill me pretty good. (I’m not one to get full quickly either, if that helps)


The Oatmega cookie was great too! I ate about half of it and was full. It isn’t as sweet as homemade cookies although it was still good to snack on. Again this was more chewy too, not crunchy, which I love. Overall, these snacks were super for me as an on the go snack!

If you’re ever on the go and looking for a quick bite I’d definitely recommend these! The shake with one of these snacks is a perfect combination to help your taste buds have a great day!

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