Commuting to New York City


Have you ever wondered what commuting to New York City daily was like?

I definitely used to! That is, until I got the opportunity to intern at BMG models and talent (Brown Management Group) for the summer. I always wondered how busy it was in the morning rush and thought about how people got from point A to point B. Does everyone walk fast and grab coffee on the way to work? Was it just the sound of shoes scuffling on the sidewalk and cars honking?

Well, if you keep reading, I’ll give you a glimpse of what it’s truly like to start prepping for your Empire State of mind.

Empire State Building at night

I woke up super early. I’m talking 4-5 am just to get ready so that I could look nice. Everyone dressed very nicely. Women do their hair and makeup nicely and men do their hair and spray on their best cologne. They don’t just lightly spray it, I’m talking they dump about half the bottle on themselves for one day. You kind of want to if you wish to keep that smell all day.

I then drove to the train station which was just about 30 minutes from my house but takes over an hour during rush hour. The train ride took 1.5 hours to get to Penn Station. Occasionally, I would take the bus which was a 5 minute drive to the bus stop and then another 2 hours to the city, but this dropped me off at Port Authority. From Penn Station, it takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes to walk to the agency. It really all depends on when crosswalks lit up and if bikes would not try to run me over. Walking from Port Authority took longer to walk from. This walk was anywhere from 10 minutes if I was speed walking, or 20 minutes if I was walking my normal pace, which is a tad faster than most people anyways.

Detours Along The Way

Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino


If you’re anything like me, early mornings require coffee. I had to stop at the first Starbucks I saw. A frappuccino is a staple food for me. I don’t think that I can go longer than a few days without one of these or a frozen coffee from any other coffee place.

The picture you see next to this is actually from my acting classes after the internship, in the fall, which I had done a smaller post about previously. Pumpkin spice is my favorite frappuccino flavor, but they only carry it in the fall. This is why the picture of the pumpkin spice frappuccino is there and not a summer drink. I will expand on my acting classes in the near future.

I do not eat breakfast foods, I prefer my breakfast in a drink, however, if you get super hungry in the mornings there are plenty of cute breakfast cafes or shops.

Warning! Food in the city is a tad pricy compared to New Jersey from what I have found. Yes, I live in New Jersey but that’s another story if anyone would like to hear about that they can comment below!

Skkkrrrtt!! Honk!!!! Beeep!! Move it $&^* $&*^£€!!

Wow! Not only is it colorful with the mix of people but the slang here is colorful too!

Most likely you won’t get far without seeing the bright yellow cars of doom. DO NOT step out in front of one! I repeat DO NOT step out in front of one! As most cars might stop for you if you’re making you’re way through a lit up crosswalk, taxis will not! They’re ruthless!


Commuting to the city means finding a way to get there! You could drive, which I wouldn’t suggest since you would have to pay for parking and it would take twice as long as public transportation, if you are lucky. I’d recommend the public transportation that is offered closest to you. For me, it was the train which, took me to Penn Station or the bus which, took me to Port Authority.

Once you’ve made it to Penn Station, if that is where you are leaving from, it becomes a mad house! Everyone wants to leave by 6 and if you’re thinking of leaving at that time, I suggest grabbing a bite to eat to kill time. I’d suggest leaving 20 minutes earlier than you plan in order to leave by 6. Penn Station is like a can of sardines. Trust me! I was wedged between people every time, pushed, almost knocked over, and almost stampeded on!

If you can survive Penn Station, you my friend, are one tough person because you have to push people or wedge yourself between people in order to get to your train. That’s not even the end of it. After getting down the stairs to the track, you must again wedge yourself into the train otherwise you’re left on the track by yourself watching the train leave without you. If you can manage to find a seat once on the train, you are very lucky and must have someone watching out for you. Hopefully, whoever you sit next to is nice, quiet and minds their own business and has a sense of personal hygiene.

Port Authority, on the other hand is definitely my preferred method of leaving the city. The bus makes for a quiet and smooth drive with less stops than the train. Also there seemed to be less people on the bus that I was taking around 6:30 than the train ride. The seats are more comfortable, more spread out from other people, and they suggest no talking on phones, which makes the ride a little bit better in my opinion.

My Final Thoughts

Overall, I think that commuting to New York City was super fun! I definitely am going to keep doing it since I am not sure that I would want to live in the city yet, although it is very tempting. As of right now, I will stick with living in New Jersey and taking the bus and train when called to the city for auditions or bookings. I am very excited to start my adventures with modeling for BMG models and talent!

The best part about commuting is the fact that I can come home to my quiet little farm town and not hear all the noise while I’m sleeping. I love the city life but coming home to my horse is probably the best feeling ever. The view is also super cool! I get to see the skyline when I come and go from the city, which reminds me of how big the city is. It definitely is worth it if you haven’t tried commuting and have thought about it. Just do it!


Thew view from NJ

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  1. I love the train! You can catch on on work, read a book or just watch the sights as you travel – plus if the weather is bad, you don’t have to worry about accidents on the highway.

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